VITAL Chain Hoist

Posted by on March 3, 2021 in Education

Chain Hoist is one type of lifting tool that is widely used to lift and lower the load vertically (perpendicular), and Chain Hoist is one part or component of the crane. Based on the mechanism and how it works, this tool consists of four types, namely manual, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric. Chain Hoist is also often used in heavy work, whose function can facilitate the work especially in the type of heavy and large lifting work.

Chain Hoist is widely circulated in the market, everything can be obtained easily, and with a variety of qualities, because in terms of appearance of the naked eye all look similar and the same. So it can be confusing to determine which Chain Hoist is good quality or bad. What should be considered in choosing Chain Hoist is certification or standards owned, such as ISO 9001 and JQA – QM448 (Japan Qualification Association) owned by VITAL Chain Hoist brand.

VITAL itself is a brand that has more than 80 years of experience in producing Chain Hoist and produced directly from Japan. In addition to Chain Hoist VITAL also provides a range of other products, such as; Chain Block, Lever Hoist, Chain and Trolley. In vital brand products also have differences with other brands namely there is Emboss Logo on the body in each product that distinguishes which VITAL is genuine and which vital is fake.

So make sure if buying goods Chain Hoist must have high quality. Especially in the field of industry and engineering, so as not to harm himself or others.