Hydraulic Hose Specification Explained

April 20, 2021

In the world of machinery we often hear the term hydraulic, in short, hydraulics is a system of mechanisms that utilize liquid pressure or high-pressure fluids to produce a specific movement. In general, the hydraulic system is the same as the pneumatic system, what distinguishes it is the media hydraulic system used is fluid, while […]


Getting to know Pneumatic Hose

March 29, 2021

When hearing the word hose, what comes to the mind of the general public is the hose used to drain water for daily needs, but did you know that there are hoses used in factories as well as machines that flow air? This hose is usually called the Pneumatic Hose or air hose that is […]


Basic Knowledge of Abrasive Wheel Products

March 26, 2021

In the industrial world of engineering for cutting and grinding it must use a tool often called abrasive wheel. Abrasive Wheel is widely used in metalworking workshops. Small, medium to large home industries such as automotive, shipping, metal mills, construction, oil and gas, and aviation. For mildsteel iron, steel to stainlees steel certainly adjust the […]