Getting to know PVC Hose

Posted by on May 28, 2021 in Education, Uncategorized

Discussing about hoses, of course we know the two types of materials that are most often used, plastic (PVC) and  rubber which have their respective advantages and disadvantages. At the beginning of this section, we will discuss PVC hoses first.

PVC plastic or polyvinyl chloride hose is generally used in many purposes such as pneumatic hoses, water hoses, irrigation, construction and those used in industries such as paint, oil and food or beverage. This is in accordance with the fact that PVC has a relatively light weight, more flexible and elastic hoses. In addition, there is also a hose that has a transparent body making it easier to see and ascertain the material being streamed.

To determine a good PVC hose, there are several criteria that we should know, such as:

Resistant to High Temperatures
PVC hose can withstand high temperatures for certain applications such as oil and hot water, although it cannot withstand extreme temperatures for rubber hose applications.

PVC hose has a high flexibility and bending radius when used it will not kink or kink and is easy to use in tight areas.

The inner wall of the PVC hose is soft so that the material flowed away will not remain on the inside and is very easy to clean.

Good quality hoses, of course, have standards such as ISO, Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, and other standards according to needs such as food grade for certain food and chemical ingredients.

Age of Use
A good PVC hose has a relatively long service life, because the material used is durable.

Those are some of the criteria for a good PVC hose, but apart from that there are also disadvantages that exist in this PVC-made hose, for example if it is exposed to heat or extreme weather for too long it will damage the outside of the PVC hose, besides using a hose that is not standardized, it can be dangerous. if used to distribute food and beverage ingredients.

All of the above criteria can be found on quality PVC hoses, one of which is PVC hose from the Togawa brand from Japan, so it can reduce unwanted risks.