Basic Knowledge of Abrasive Wheel Products Part 2

Posted by on April 23, 2021 in Education

In the midst of the development of engineering tools that are growing very rapidly, there are still many technical friends out there do not know the meaning of the writing A24S / A30P / WA 60 contained in the abrasive wheel content.

Well therefore this time we will discuss what the meaning of the writing A24S / A30P / WA 60. It turns out that the code on each abrasive wheel is showing Granules (material), Grit (size &number of granules) and Quality (hardness) contained in the abrasive wheel. The characteristics of a good abrasive wheel at the time of use must include a specification code on each product. Here’s an explanation of the parts in the abrasive wheel specific code:

  1. Granules (material)
    Before buying abrasive wheel we should make sure to choose the right type of granules according to the material of the workpiece and its usefulness, such as:
  • Granules inscribed A : meaning Brown Fused Alumina, Usefulness: suitable for light iron
  • Granules inscribed WA: meaning White Alumina, Usefulness: suitable for steel
  • Granules inscribed Z : meaning Zirconium, Usefulness: suitable for casting / heavy work
  • Granules inscribed C : meaning Black Silicone Carbide, Usefulness: suitable for concrete
  • Granules inscribed GC: meaning Green Silicone Carbide, Usefulness: suitable for marble, granite, glass, rocks.
  1. Grit (size &number of granules)
    Grit indicates the size and quantity of each grain. Make sure to choose the right grit specification according to the desired finishing result. The smaller the grit number, the larger the granule size so that the abrasion strength is high and the surface results look rough, and vice versa.

  2. Quality (hardness)
    Quality is the degree of attachment between each grain. The quality that points to letter A indicates a lower degree of attachment.

Such is the brief explanation of some terms and specification codes that must be considered so as not to be mistaken in choosing the abrasive wheel to be used. From here we know more about what objects we are working on and use the type of abrasive wheel that we should use. Of course, our abrasive wheel products are Nippon Resibon and Ultra one of the brands providing abrasive wheel has a product line-up that is quite complete, spacious and has a proven quality. So there is no need to worry and confuse again in determining the types of abrasive wheels that want to be used.