Hydraulic Hose Specification Explained

Posted by on April 20, 2021 in Education

In the world of machinery we often hear the term hydraulic, in short, hydraulics is a system of mechanisms that utilize liquid pressure or high-pressure fluids to produce a specific movement.

In general, the hydraulic system is the same as the pneumatic system, what distinguishes it is the media hydraulic system used is fluid, while the pneumatic system uses wind. The hydraulic system is also better to handle higher pressure (can reach thousands of PSI) due to the uncompressed nature of the fluid so that the energy required is more efficient.

One of the most important components of a hydraulic mechanism is what we want to discuss this time, it is about a hydraulic hose. The characteristics of a good hose used in a hydraulic mechanism must meet certain requirements or specifications such as size, flexibility, temperature, working pressure, explosive pressure.

These specifications have their respective meanings such as:

Consists of an inner diameter (I.D) which is generally used to describe the hose size and an outer diameter (O.D) which is the overall size of the hose which is important when choosing a connection or fitting. Usually written in mm or inch.

Working Pressure
Maximum designed and recommended working pressure on these hoses. Usually written in MPa, PSI or Bar units.

Burst Pressure
The pressure with which a hose can hold before it bursts or explodes. Just like Working Pressure, the units used are MPa, PSI and Bar.

Bending Radius
The minimum radius that the hose can reach when bent. Usually written in mm or inch.

Refers to the weight of the hose, usually in g / m.

Operating Temperature
The temperature of the media being streamed and the ambient temperature. In Celsius (°C) or in Fahrenheit (°F)

Those are some terms and specifications that must be considered so that you don’t choose the wrong hydraulic hose to use. Bridgestone, as one of the brands providing hydraulic hoses, has a fairly extensive product line-up with proven quality, making it easier to choose hoses.