VITAL Chain Hoist

March 3, 2021

Chain Hoist is one type of lifting tool that is widely used to lift and lower the load vertically (perpendicular), and Chain Hoist is one part or component of the crane. Based on the mechanism and how it works, this tool consists of four types, namely manual, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric. Chain Hoist is also […]


Personal Protective Equipment

February 25, 2021

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is an instrument to help workers in order to protect or minimalize the chance of work accidents. Maintaining personal safety should be a priority for all workers, especially field workers who every day deal with heavy equipment, cutting tools, or work above heights. Everyone must carry out awareness of using […]


Hidano Takumi 0.8

June 28, 2018

Nippon Resibon Hidano Takumi 0.8 is a series that has been developed from the previous Hidano Takumi 1.0. The 0.8 mm series is the thinnest series suitable for cutting on steel and stainless steel media, so the cutting speed increases consistently. In addition, the sharpness of the stone is no doubt, making work that requires results with a high level of precision more efficient with maximum results. Nippon Resibon Hidano Takumi is also made of Japanese fiber material that provides more security and protection against usage.