Getting to know Pneumatic Hose

Posted by on March 29, 2021 in Education

When hearing the word hose, what comes to the mind of the general public is the hose used to drain water for daily needs, but did you know that there are hoses used in factories as well as machines that flow air?

This hose is usually called the Pneumatic Hose or air hose that is intended to drain compressed air.
This pneumatic hose is widely used in machinery, valves or equipment that uses wind media. Usually this pneumatic hose has more than one layer that protects the tube part, the point is to be able to withstand wind pressure which under certain conditions can be at a very, very high unit pressure or PSI.

The tube section of the pneumatic hose is also composed of various types of materials according to their respective functions, such as:

Nylon Tubing

Hose made of nylon is used for high wind pressure, the characteristics of this material are very strong, have a light weight, a relatively small bending radius and are also flexible in its application.

Polyerethane (PU)

PU material is a material commonly used for pneumatic hoses, the advantages of this material are its resistance to abrasion and is very flexible so it is not easily tangled when used in narrow spaces.

Polyethilene (PE)

PE material is commonly used for relatively low wind pressures, this PE material can also be used for liquids and is resistant to types of chemicals and solutions, as well as hoses that are also flexible.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC material is often used for low wind pressure, lightweight, more flexible than nylon and PE, is also resistant to chemical substances so it is suitable for medical purposes.

Those are the types of materials from pneumatic hoses that have their respective advantages and functions. You can find the three types of pneumatic hoses in SHPI Pneumatic Hose products in various sizes and types, ranging from braid, recoil and additional equipment such as fittings and speed controllers.